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Pablo Escobar daughter, his only and beloved daughter, whatever she asked for. José Alejandro Castaño Hoyos, journalist and writer, spent 20 days in the Escobar Henao family home. The same ones who had to move to Argentina after Escobar’s death.

At first, the journalist’s visit had an end: to write a book about the life of Escobar’s heirs. However, due to security issues, covenants and intimate positions of the Escobar Henao.

The journalist will never forget those three weeks. During that time, he shared breakfast, lunch and activities with Escobar’s widow and children in Buenos Aires. It had been 14 years since the death of the capo when his wife, María Victoria Henao, and her children, Juan Pablo and Manuela, left Colombia and seek asylum somewhere in the world.

Argentina opened the doors and there, María Victoria found a new love, redo her life and her children grew with new names and surnames.

Pablo Escobar daughter

Among all the moments that the writer lived on those intense days, one stayed on his mind: Manuela’s pain, Pablo Escobar daughter. Although the young girl left before the arrival of the journalist. Manuela’s melancholy impregnated the apartment and they noticed it.

Only Escobar’s widow and son have granted interviews, so the current figure of Manuela is a mystery, she has never been seen.

José Alejandro Castaño became obsessed with rebuilding the life of a sad girl. So he began a five-year investigation, in which he interviewed dozens of people who met and loved her.

Castaño found a family that went from living in mansions, to live in a discreet apartment and having, just a country house on the outskirts of Buenos Aires as luxury. Escobar’s children changed their names to Sebastián and Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos.

The zoo of Pablo Escobar daughter

All the animals that Escobar acquired for his Hacienda Naples, were the whims of his daughter Manuela, so she could have everything she wanted.

The reconstruction of Pablo Escobar’s daughter meant a special effort. In Panama, Castaño found who had been the girl’s nanny, a woman who remembered everything about her. Another one was a woman who was pregnant with Escobar child and was forced to abort. The reason: Escobar would have sworn to Manuela that she would be the last descendant

But the most shocking are the anecdotes told by the bosses who protected the family and knew her in privacy.

The unicorn of Pablo Escobar daughter

They remembered many episodes, such as the unicorn the girl asked for in Christmas, and how they appeared a white horse stapled with a horn under her mane and adhered long wings of paper to his torso. The animal died as a result of an infection

If Manuela wanted a giraffe, she would have it from Africa, so she could be happy.

If the princess wanted to see in person the characters of the fashion show, they fulfilled her wishes.

The Pablo Escobar who is remembered for those who surrounded him was an affectionate, playful man with the girl.

A fantasy maker created to surprise the days of his daughter.

When he carried her to the hideouts of the cartel, he pushed open doors saying “open sesame” and then, as if by magic, vaults full of money would open. “How much is a billion dollars, Dad? / What your princess eyes worth” he would reply.