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Armed with a broom and a pallet drawer Federico Arroyave, a 68-year-old farmer from Titiribí Antioquia, has been in charge for 6 years to look after the tomb where Pablo Escobar body is.

Federico, after the death of his parents and unmarried, arrived 26 years ago in the city of Medellin.

Searching a future built by impulse with the sale of ice cream in the cemetery Montesacro of Itagüi, Antioquia.

And he made it.

A routine matter

Every day from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Federico settles in the tomb of Escobar and with the rosary he wears on his neck, he prays again and again so that the soul of the most feared man in the country rest in peace.

The reason? It is a sign of gratitude for all that Escobar has given him.

“I worked with Pablo Escobar’s family for four years, directly with his sister Luz Mariana Escobar, she paid me to do maintenance for all the tombs of the family and friends that are here, totaling ten,” he says.

The work

This work did it with remuneration for 4 years, but two years ago, from the Escobar house.

They told him that his services were no longer required because they left Colombia to never return.

But the renowned seller of pallets was not able to abandon the graves of the Escobar.

Acording to him, all he has is due to Pablo.

“I live humbly in my little house, I watch every ice cream in the drawer every day and I am sure that the blessed soul of Mr. Escobar is the one who gives me all these blessings”, says Federico, who does not ask anything to the tomb, but he does talk to daily and for several hours with Pablo Escobar body. They accompany each other.

An unusual job

“I live alone, I have nothing but the company of Pablo, then I speak with him. It is not that he answers me, or that I am crazy, but I feel his presence, his constant companionship and although for two years I did not receive anything in return for cleaning and beautifying the place, I am not able to leave, I will not leave him alone as they all did” says Federico, who has sometimes received money from “Popeye”, the exchequer of Escobar, for putting flowers and for taking care of Pablo Escobar body

Federico points to a place and says:

“In this first ossuary are: Pablo Emilio Escobar, his brother Luis Fernando, one of his service employees, Doña Teresa, who also took care of the capo’s children. Nearby are also the bodies of the escort Álvaro de Jesús Agudelo aka “Limón”, an uncle and his father named Abel.”

In the next ossuary are the cousins ​​of Don Pablo: Gustavo de Jesus Gaviria, Gustavo Gaviria and Jose Luis Gaviria.

Federico takes care of practically all Escobar family.

And he does so with devotion and dedication to his work.

Death Tourism

It would seem that with death this dozen would be buried next to their body and all that bad past lived could rest in peace.

But it is not.

Because now they are the main tourist destination of the called “Narco tours” that are offered in Medellin and his past of evil and blood is still alive.

At least, that’s what we believe