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Pablo Escobar wife, her story is about a woman immersed in a long wait:

her life tied to the return of an absent husband who compensates his infidelities with extraordinary material gifts. 

When they met, Maria Victoria was 13 years old.

So her father was a candy delivery and her mother a seamstress, who oppose her union with Pablo Escobar, an unemployed 24-year-old guy, who regularly courted her through her best friend Yolanda. 

Henao’s family didn’t accept their relationship since Escobar’s family was socially inferior to them yet.

Despite family warnings, the young couple married in March 1976. They have two children as a result; Juan Pablo who, born in 1977 and a daughter, Manuela, she was born in 1984. From that moment, Maria Victoria felt what was like to live in the shadow of an absent husband who disappears for weeks with her cousin Gustavo. 

Pablo Escobar wife

At the same time they got married, the business of the future capo began to develop and the first infidelities of who came to be called the “Robin Hood Paisa” became public.   Recognized as a megalomaniac, Pablo Escobar had the need to please himself sexually wherever he arrived. So he changed of bed and lovers. But he constantly repeats to Maria Victoria that she was “the love of his life.” And she suffered in silence, as described her son in his biography, Juan Pablo Marroquin. 

To compensate for her loneliness, Pablo Escobar offered to Maria Victoria the greatest luxuries that drug money allows. He bought her Dali paintings and sculptures from Rodin. Lived with the animals of the Naples hacienda, ate chocolates brought directly from Switzerland. But the discomfort deep and hided several miscarriages.   When her husband tried to meddle in politics, things got even worse. The media attributed a relationship with a television host Maria Virginia Vallejo, which only distanced him from entering the world of clandestinity after the murder of Justice Minister, Rodrigo Lara Bonilla. 

Pablo Escobar wife: The middle 

At that moment, began the second part of the life of the couple.

That only resembled to the permanent flight of cornered animals. 

The exodus to Panama of drug traffickers, sponsored by General Manuel Antonio Noriega was the occasion that reunited Pablo with his wife, pregnant at that moment of his daughter Manuela, but soon the capo returned to Colombia and stared a bloody war against the State and against its old allies, what makes the family life of the Escobar Henao an existence more and more similar to the one of poor fugitives.

And less similar to the luxurious one existence that Pablo Escobar wife used to receive . 

Pablo Escobar wife: The end

The final point of Escobar’s wake of death an overly long phone call with his wife and children, also promising them: “Do not worry, my love, my only motivation is to fight for all of you. The tough part already happened, is behind us now “.

It was December 3, 1993. 

The Pepes intercepted this call (Persecuted by Pablo Escobar) and the block of search.

And it was thanks to it that they  corner the drug trafficker on a Medellin roof, in which got strike by three bullets that recorded in a photograph for history.  After the death of the capo, Pablo Escobar wife finally managed to negotiate her life and the life of her relatives with her husband’s enemies in exchange for the emporium of powder and bonnet.

Then things were worse for them, when many countries refused to receive them and lived as refugees in many other.

Widowed at 33 years old she scaped to Argentina, where she started another life with a new passport. 

Then, their identities were revealed in 1999 when the Argentine government discovered the truth.

In 2000, Henao and his son were charged with money laundering, were jailed for 15 months.

However, they were later released due to lack of evidence.

Who previously was Pablo Escobar’s wife now lives a quiet life.

Surely far away from Colombia and her past.