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Juan Pablo Escobar (Medellin, 1977), Pablo Escobar son, must be among the few who have not enjoyed the series “Narcos”, and rightly so.

In addition to being the Pablo Escobar son, the drug trafficker based on the first two seasons of the Netflix series, believes that the fiction shows a reality far removed from reality.

He has denounced this in his Facebook profile through a document entitled “Narcos 2 and his 28 quimeras”.

In this first part, we leave you 15 of these errors claimed by Pablo Escobar son, one by one, each of the events, data or recreations that the writer clamed false. And we do it by reproducing his own words:

“In the name of my country and in honor to the real truth, I have to expose the errors of a series that proclaims itself as truthful, when it is far from being so, thus insulting the history of an entire nation and of many victims and families…” explains in his writing Juan Pablo Escobar, that after the death of his father was renamed Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos.

Before you start reading, remember that it contains some spoilers.

1. Pablo Escobar, the fan

“My father was not a fan of Atletico Nacional, but of Deportivo Independiente Medellin”.

If the scriptwriters do not even know Pablo’s favorite team, how dare they tell the rest of a story like that and sell it as true?


Pablo Escobar son

2. La Quica

“La Quica got arrested in New York on September 24, 1991.

So for my father’s scape from La Catedral (July 1992), he had been detained in the United States for a long time as a result of false documents. Unjustly accused and convicted of the bombing of the Avianca, plane in which more than 100 passengers and crew died, and where César Gaviria supossed to be. Even the prosecutor De Greiff sent letters to the United States in favor of his acquittal, since this man had no part in the bombing.

But unfortunately, exists more hatred than justice in the search for truth. ”

3. Dad’s scape

On the Escape from the Cathedral:

“There was no such great confrontation there, and only a prison guard died. Those who stayed, did not fight. My father had no contacts or help from the Law to escape. The escape was designed from the very construction. When the government wanted to violate the agreement, Dad escaped .”

Pablo Escobar son

4. My uncle wasn’t a drug trafficker

“Carlos Henao was my maternal uncle, and was not a drug trafficker as he is in the series. In fact he was a great man, hardworking, honest, noble and good father of family. He was an empirical architect who helped with the construction of the Naples Hacienda, but he never got involved in illicit activities. So my uncle was never condemned in Colombia or any country for any crime. Carlos was a Bible seller, acrylics and mops. He always talked about making peace, not war, and always talked about escaping, not about attacking anyone.

5. El Limon

“Limon was a worker of Roberto alias ‘Osito’, brother of my father.”

“He worked for him as a driver for about 20 years.

So he stayed in the family history since many years ago.

But being Roberto’s worker and being Osito a collaborator of the DEA, he extract and give information to sell his brother (Pablo Escobar)”.


6. Negotiations

“It is not true that the Medellin and Cali cartels negotiated to stay with Miami and New York as places for drug trafficking, respectively. The truth is that even today, given the exponential growth of the market for banned drugs, there is still one so large that there will always be a shortage of narcotics and clients for all who arrive.

There’s millions of costumers and they pay anything to be pleased.”

7. The CIA and the brothers Castaño

“The CIA was not the one who proposed to the Castaño brothers to create Los Pepes”

“It was Fidel Castaño who decided it with the complicity of the Cali Cartel and local and foreign authorities, who turned a blind eye to thousands of crimes and disappeared.”

8. La Tata

“My mother never bought or used a weapon. Everything about it is a lie. She never even fired. ”


9. Colonel Carrillo

“My father did not personally kill any Colonel ‘Carrillo’,

As they call him in the series to the Head of the Search Block.

Attacks made many to the Colombian Police and in them died more than 500, in a month, in the city of Medellín at the end of the 80. I am not at all proud of the violence of my father and I recognize that he did much damage to the police, as well as giving them a lot of money.”

10. Moncada y Galeano

“Those who know the bottom of history know that my father made a serious mistake in ordering the death of his partners and lenders, Moncada and Galeano. The latter were kidnapped by the Cali cartel and to be released alive, they promised to hand over Pablo and his men while demanding that they cut off all financial aid. There were telephone recordings that showed this change of loyalties. My father still decided to forgive Moncada’s life at the last minute, but by the time the order came to stop his murder, death had already found him. And this was one of the defining crimes in the fall and end of my father.”

11. Pablo Escobar, alone

“My father at the end of his days was alone and not as full of bandits as they show him.

For almost all their main bandits, except for alias the Angelito and Poplar, had surrendered or were dead.

12. The Cathedral

“There were no such comforts in the post-scape period of the Cathedral. We lived in slums, not mansions.”

13. El León

“The story of such a ‘Leon’ from Miami is a lie. He did not live in the United States, and he was a man who was absolutely faithful and courageous in the service of my father, and El León died after being kidnapped and tortured by the Castaño brothers in Medellin. He fell fighting the war in my father’s name, but he never sold it as they show it. ” claimed Pablo Escobar son.

14. Pablo Escobar, against Cali

“He never threatened Cali as a city”

Escobar issued a statement saying that his wife and part of his family were also from the area

In the statement said that he had nothing against the citizenship.

15. Ricardo Prisco

“Ricardo Prisco was already dead by the time they show him.

He had a doctor brother who was a good man, stigmatized by the actions of his brother, but he was not a bandit.

Ricardo died long before in real life.”