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Early life

It was in 1994, when Juan Pablo Escobar and his mother escaped from Colombia to Mozambique.

At that time, Juan Pablo Escobar (or Sebastián Marroquín, as it appeared in his new passport) was 17 years old and an uncertain future. The plane that was taking them to start a new life in Argentina stopped in Lima. “It was just under 24 hours, nor do I remember the hotel. It was all improvised”, he explains.

Today, after 23 years, he has returned to Lima. He has 40 years, a son, a career (Architecture and Industrial Design) and two books published. The second of them, In fraganti What my father did not tell me, presented it this year at the International Book Fair (FIL).

Juan Pablo Escobar

In Fraganti is, as his first title, a work in which he tackles the subject that has pursued him and which perhaps will continue to do for the rest of his life: his father.

In this new publication, Escobar Jr. investigates deeply the ties that his father had with different lowland characters. Its purpose is to discover what lies behind the things that Pablo Escobar told him.

Cosas Magazine asked him to briefly comment on a word or a phrase his opinion on various topics.

These are his answers.

The documentary Sins of my father

  • The opportunity to be recognized as individuals.


  • The possibility of reinventing ourselves as people.

Maternal family

  • The only genuine family support.

Paternal family

  • I feel more comfortable with my father’s enemies.

Peace process in Colombia

  • An absolute must.

Anti-drug policies in the world.

  • Guarantors of the great violence that we suffer the Latin American people.


The book In fraganti

  • The sample of international corruption and its tentacles reach the highest levels of those who propose, paradoxically, prohibitionism.

Cali Cartel

  • One of my father’s greatest enemies.

Medellín Cartel

  • My father’s criminal enterprise.

Architecture and Industrial Design

  • The tools that allowed me to think about building and not destroying.


  • Big bussiness.

The series The pattern of evil and Narcos

  • Those that have taken away the dreams to the youth of being great sportsmen, for being big narcos.


  • Buy the cheapest of life.

Drug trafficking

  • Another big business thanks to prohibitionism.

The hitman “Popeye”

  • A person who worked with my father.

Drug legalization

  • We are already living legalization. If we order drugs here, they bring them to us. What we are not yet living is regularization.

The greatest eccentricity of his father

  • I think the zoo took the top spot. Hippos, giraffes, elephants, zebras, rhinoceroses.


The greatest achievement of his father

  • The family.

The greatest virtue of his father

  • Nobility and intelligence.

What is your most prized possession?

  • My son.

Favorite Writers

  • García Márquez and Gandhi.


  • My homeland, my beloved land.

How would you like to die?

Sebastián Marroquín

  • Nothing, I’m the same person. They do not define my names, but my actions.

Juan Pablo Escobar

  • I am the same. What matters is not the document I had in my wallet the day I did what I did.

Pablo Escobar

  • My dad.