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We have all heard of the successful Netflix series “Narcos,” a series about the life of the most famous drug trafficker in history: Pablo Escobar. Pablo Escobar son has made it clear that he is not very happy with the “reality” they are trying to sell, after he published in his Facebook account 28 mistakes he has found by watching each of the episodes in the series.

In the first part we show the first 15 elements, leaving for this second part the last 13 errors of the famous series “Narcos” by Pablo Escobar son.

Errors or historical licensing anyway, we believe it is a good opportunity to clarify.

Pablo Escobar son talks about his family and early life

16. Family

“My father never attacked Gilberto Rodríguez’s daughter at his wedding or in his life. Nor to any member of his family. That was the pact, not touching the families. My father fulfilled it. ”

17. Clandestinity

“My father never forced us to stay with him in the underground, he always thought, like my mother, that it was best if we educated ourselves and had other opportunities different from theirs.”

18. The shooting

“We were in a single shoot-out with my father, but not similar to the one shown in ‘Narcos’. In my book I do tell you what those facts were really like”

That sounds like an unusual childhood.

Pablo Escobar son, Juan Pablo has taken the trouble to clarify in several opportunities certain historical errors assumed like truths.

19. Attacks in 1993

“My father’s bomb attacks on ‘La Rebaja’ place them in 1993, when they actually occurred between 1988 and 1989. A little off-season for my taste, do not you think?”

20. My grandmother

“My paternal grandmother betrayed my father and allied herself with his eldest son, Roberto, to negotiate with Los Pepes. They collaborated so actively that this allowed them to continue living peacefully in Colombia, while those who were loyal to our father continued to live in exile. I would have liked to have had the ‘tender’ version of my grandmother who painted in the series.”

21. Travel to Germany

“The trip to Germany was not like that. My paternal grandmother did not travel with us anywhere.”

When money is not a concern then appear others

22. The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office

“The Colombian Prosecutor did not want to help us as much as they show in the series. De Greiff was not that good. His office was totally infiltrated by the Cali cartel. As well as the whole scheme of protection provided by its own agents. We were held hostage, kidnapped by our own State, accused of the crime of kinship. We were two minors and two women locked up in a small hotel room. ”

23. Virginia Vallejo

“Virginia Vallejo was so in love that rejects my fathers’s money? Now that’s two lies in one and great ones! My mother never spoke to her after the flight from The Cathedral. It had been almost a decade since my father had no contact with Virginia, who was a lover of the Cali cartel leaders at the same time.”

24. “The telephone is death”

“My father at the hotel Tequendama did not send us any phones, we used the local ones. I would hang him every time he called me to protect him, but he became capricious and stayed longer than the prudent on the line, knowing that he would be tracked.

‘The phone is death,’ he told me all his life.

That’s why he did not want to talk to me anymore, because I cut him off.

He then asked to speak with my mother and sister and he identified with the operator with his two surnames, so his calls were to say goodbye, to extend as much as possible that last call, with the clear intention of being located in what he chose as the day and place for his last battle in the Los Olivos neighborhood of his city, Medellín.

My father committed suicide, just as he told me dozens of times.

So I was not surprised that the shot that took his life was of his own hand and pistol, two millimeters away from where he always swore that he would stick it himself. It was not the police. Carlos Castaño directed that final operation, nor did any foreign authority participate. This is what Castaño himself said in person, loudly to my mother. ”

25. The journalist

“No journalist was murdered in front of the Tequendama Hotel.”

26. The father of Pablo Escobar

“My father never mistreated his parents, much less Abel, his father. There never was a conversation in that tone or sense. ”

27. Meeting with the Cali cartel

“After my father died, my mother was summoned to a meeting with the Cali sign in that city. There were more than 40 great Mafia bosses from Colombia at the time. The one who saved my mother and me was Miguel Rodriguez, not Gilberto. On that occasion they stripped us of inherited property and left it and distributed it as part of the spoils of war. ”

28. Family treason

“Does my grandmother tell my mother in the series that she betrayed my father? · In real life, it was my paternal grandmother and her children who had secret contacts with the Cali cartel”

Why is that betrayal is something recurrent in these stories?

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